Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another monthly update already?

Yes it is time for another monthly update! Seems like I just did one of these. Probably because last month's update happened in the middle of the month haha.

Last month I asked ya'll about some of your personal gaming experiences and got some very interesting results! I asked which classic games that are still going today have you played at least 2 games of. 94% of you have played 2 mario games, not very surprising. In second place game Sonic at 88%, and in third was freaking Pokemon at 71%! That was surprising to me. After that came Final Fantasy and MegaMan tied with 65%, then Madden at an impressive 28%, and finally Zelda comes in last at 17% which was also surprising to me.

Last month I was also invited to attend this November. Very interesting indeed. RetroGameCon is a huge event for retro gaming enthusiasts. AVGN and lots of other big names will be attending. Vendors selling that piece of nostalgia you cant seem to find anywhere else, panelists talking about upcoming awesomeness, Gaming tournaments (board game, card game, video game), all sorts of awesome things. I'll leave the decision up to you folks. This month I am asking if I should attend as a Vendor, a Panelist, or not at all! I can't wait to see what you think!

I'm feeling ganster atm, so here is a wicked cool jam.