Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Super Pantendo MINI

Hey everyone, it has been a quiet couple of months as I have been working on a top secret side project related to the Pantendo. Well I can finally tell you what it is now that it is finished. I took the concept for a multi system arcade cabinet and completely miniaturized it! I call it the Super Pantendo MINI.

 Design concept

Also the blog got over 7,000 unique views this month. Completely baffles my mind. All this traffic was brought in by Twitter and my Garrysmod server. You guys are great! I wanted to acknowledge this and thank you all so much.

Finished unit

So back to the new Pantendo. This sleek 127mm square is completely self-contained. It has the entire game library of the Super Pantendo (minus the Sega CD and Panasonic 3D0) and runs off of a cell phone charger. Just plug it into the HDMI for a TV and it is all set to play your favorite retro video games. The software it runs is fully customized/retooled and Pantendo branded. The idea is that this device does only one thing, play games and should never break. If anyone is interested in one I can sell the kit to build your own, contact me at with the subject “Super Pantendo MINI Kit”.

This is the booting image while the MINI turns on.
(the rainbow at the boarder scrolls across the top of the screen)

This thing has been an absolute blast to build and develop. Sometimes I don't want to stand in front of an arcade cabinet to play games, especially after a day of work. This little box is super convenient and portable too. Anyplace where there is a tv I can plug in my Super Pantendo MINI. The hardware itself is a Raspberry Pi and a couple other small devices inside of a high gloss black acrylic case custom made specifically for this project.

So why 127mm? Well a few reasons actually but mostly 127 is a really sexy number. First of all, 127mm converts perfectly to 5 inches. 127 is also a double Mersenne prime number. In binary it is 7 1's in a row (1,111,111). Most importantly though, 127mm is just large enough to fit everything into a box and has a really nice convenient size to it.

This thing is super cool and I love playing around with it. This is probably the most convenient way to experience retro gaming without ever getting off of the couch haha. Like I mentioned before, contact me if you are interested in experiencing it too. with the subject “Super Pantendo MINI Kit”. Talk to you all later!