Everyone wants free stuff. Especially when it is free Pantendo stuff! All that you have to do is sign yourself and a friend up for email updates from this blog!

Here is how it works. The signup box is on the right of any place in this blog. Once you have signed up, email me the address you want your new merchandize to go to at and I will be in touch. Will receive one of each item! If you get a friend to sign up, then you both get free stuff!

Available Stuff

These high adhesive stickers stick on anything. I've had one on the back of my car for over 6 months now and its not going anywhere. The finish is pretty neat too, a high gloss logo sits on top of a matte black background. Stick them on anything you want, cellphones, mugs, cars, cats, whatever.

can cozies
Keep your bev' nice and cold in retro fashion. These cozies show your pride in the new retro.

You should TOTALLY wear these in support of retro gaming in glorious red and black.

pin buttons
Show your pantendo pride on any piece of clothing!

business coins
Always better than business cards.

development artifacts
Leftovers from the design and development stages. Such as the original light box marquee or button mountings.

Planned Stuff
can openers
tote bags
key chains
flash drives
t shirts
mouse pads