What is it?

This custom built arcade machine plays over 6000 different games from classic home consoles. All the hardware and software scripting is custom. The unit greets you with a selection of 16 different classic home gaming consoles. Once you have selected a gaming console, you are given the choice of any game from that consoles available library. After you have selected the home console and game, the game will start up immediately with pixel perfect recreation of the original product, and will be 100% playable. The gaming experience is further enhanced by ambient lights hidden around the boarders of the screen which are activated by sounds emitted by the unit, serving to further enhance the immersive qualities of the machine. Anyone who has played "oldschool" or "retro" video games will immediately see the quality and care put into this device, and any person at all will find endless hours of entertainment as there are so many games to be enjoyed. This is the new retro.

The Super Pantendo was only the first of a series of machines to come. To the right is a picture of the Super Pantendo MINI

I have other Pantendo's planned as well. Such as the Super Pantendo Slim (pictured to the right) and the Ultra Pantendo (still in early conceptual development stages).

Here the Super Pantendo is in action (unfinished state)(video to be replaced at some point)

Resale of a Pantendo unit is prohibited without express copyright permission from the authors of some 6000 games. I guess I could sell one if it came with no games on it and you found some way of getting all 6000 games. So yeah, contact me if you want one.