Sunday, October 11, 2015

SUPER Busy week this week in development!

Wow I got a lot done this week! There is a lot you all need to be caught up on.

First of all, I finally made and applied the side graphics for the machine! Pretty simple look, but it looks really good. Its just the logo in the standard red and blue, and the words "SUPER PANTENDO" in metallic/reflective gray. Needless to say, it looks great! The graphics are just cut vinyl, so the lines look super crisp and neat. Way better than paint could ever do.
Here, look and see for yourself.

 Left side of the cabinet.

Left side, showing off the reflectivity. 

Left side, whole cabinet. 

Right side. 

But that is just the start! I also put the screen cover on the cabinet, which you can't really see in the photo's because it is completely clear at the moment, I still need to print graphics on that, after I install the interactive lights that go around the boarder of the screen. I also made the back cover for the cabinet and installed a lock! So now the only way anyone can get inside of the machine is by using the key. THE CABINET IS COMPLETELY SEALED UP! This is actually a big milestone! I also jammed up the coin return, so that it doesn't make any terrible noises, so that is also great. Here is another picture.

So yeah, it was a great week for development, and a very very busy week for development. There is only a little left to do at this point. The lights, and the graphics for the screen cover!