Where it all started
 Where it all started

 Look at it go!
 Look at it go!

 Interface background
 Interface background
EDIT: nope, it changed.

 Splash logo
EDIT: lol nope. I changed it.

Generic background/asthetic conceptual guide
Generic background/asthetic conceptual guide
EDIT: lol also nope, i changed this too.
The logo
EDIT: lol nope, this also has changed.

This was the first glimps of the cabinet I ever had.
It is perfect for my purposes.

The Prototype Cabinet

Original guts of the Cabinet

Working on some technical drawings for the custom panels

1/4" Carriage Bolts, These will hold most of the machine together as the heads aren't atrocious looking.

I ordered these buttons from I highly recommend them. Everything is very very good.

Even with power tools, sanding is a lot of work.

This paint is SOOO shiny. I loves it.

Did some more of the conceptual design while resting from doing hardware stuff.

It is coming together now

The Marquee for the lightbox

The interface

The Buttons 

 Somewhat photoshop, and a lot is still subject to change,
but this is basically what it will look like. (The side graphics I went with are way better and totally different, see bottom of page)

So this is what the inside of a custom built arcade machine looks like once it is all put together.
(I have since done some cable management, so it looks much better now.)

 The moment I saw this printed, it hadn't even been cut out of the acrylic sheet yet.
This is the marquee for the lightbox.

 The actual interface background.

After I couldn't come up with a logo that I thought was appropriate, I contracted
an actual graphic designer. I had her make about 30 different logos, as pictured above.
I think I drove her insane. The Designer was Jessica Relyea, and she is great.
The actual Super Pantendo Icon we decided on.

A sweet background I made for the blog and used between May 2015 and July 2015

The current background

This is the first completely finished Super Pantendo, and it is actually the portable version.
Super Pantendo "Slim Edition"

It is almost completely done. The only things left to do are cosmetic, but I have some very radical things planned. Stay tuned.

Epic controller stands that were sort of the bi-product of working on a related project. Pick yourself up a set.

The current state of the Super Pantendo.