Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monthly update and JXD S7800B

Hey! I'm back! and everything is up and running properly again lol.

The amount of views the blog got last month was amazing and record breaking, 3,130 in total for last month alone. Also the project got published on two more websites! The articles are on GaminGuys and iNetHotel.

In the polls, there was some interesting results, 46% of you owned NES, 30% owned SNES, 38% Genesis, Turbographix16 came in at 11%, Gameboy had a staggering 96%, and GameGear had 11%.
Its not that surprising, everyone owned a Gameboy, its an awesome platform and most of my childhood gaming memories are of it.

OH YEAH, and check this out, I GOT A JXD S7800B!!!!
and made a video about it