Friday, September 11, 2015

Lol technical issues

So, I meant to do the monthly post yesterday, but I ran into a problem lol. I'm actually on a vacation right now in Nevada, which shouldn't have been a problem, but my server at home experienced a power outage on the second day of the vacation and needs to be manually booted, so I would have had no content to show you guys. I still meant to post yesterday but the hard drive in my laptop crapped out lol. So I'm just posting this from my phone to hold you over. I'll be doing the monthly update post as soon as I get back though. Lol other than that it's been a great vacation, say what you will, but you cannot beat Nevada.
The view as I write this

Boom, bad HDD. Time I upgrade to an SSD on this machine anyway.

Also, here is some awesome music. 

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