Sunday, March 6, 2016

March Update!

Lots of stuff happened last month. Holy shit. The blog got over 5,500 views in one month. That is not only the largest number of views the blog has ever had, its also the largest growth it has ever had. Well done.

I started soldering the light controller board as the parts for it are in! Pictures below.

I also started selling a really useful controller stand. It holds XBox 360, XBox One, and SNES controllers. I've got them selling for a reasonable price on ebay. Really useful stands. More pictures below. Proceeds from these controller stands go to this project and my next point in this post. Pick one up over here.

The third thing I've been working on the past month, and the majority of it, has been another project related to the Pantendo. These controller stands are a bi-product of the other projects research stage. But I cant tell you a whole lot about it other than it is in the middle of development and will be available to the public. So come back soon to find out more. Alright, everybody have a great time until the next post. TTYL.