Thursday, May 28, 2015

New stuff

I've recently made a few changes to the blog which I should probably talk about.

1. There is a new page altogether, labeled Merchandise. The content on that page is free for the taking, so get over to that page while there is still stuff to get!

2. I added a Subscribe by email thing on the right side of the page. This has to do with the merchandise. The merchandise is free, but ultimately its a plot to spread awareness of the project! I love that so many people are also excited about this project. It blows my mind that this blog has generated so much interest. Now that I know I'm not the only person excited about this thing, I want to share it with the whole world! Also, Thank you to everyone who has helped get the project this far.

3. New appearance of the site in general. Just keeping it fresh really. Thinking about changing the background on a regular basis though.

So yeah, just a few talking points rolled into one here. Don't forget to vote! This month's poll is almost over! Cya.

Have another wiggly jam!