Sunday, July 31, 2016

Checking in

Sorry I havent posted in so very long. Life has been busy. The business I run has been taking off and my day job has been getting very involving as well. Also any freetime I've had I'm pouring into releasing music under the pseudonym PANO. The first album should drop soon. The name of it is Capacitor. All I have left to do for that project is physically create the album art.
(the conceptual painting will look something like this)

The views over the past two months have been astounding. In June the blog hit a milestone by getting 10,000 views in a single month, and July has already topped that 12,600! Earlier in the month I made a graphic of how many views the blog has had in the past two years each month individually. This really puts it into perspective just how much this has blown up out of seemingly nowhere.
This graphic is more than 4,000 views behind, the total for July ended up being well over 16,000!

I'll leave you with this, its a song from the forthcoming album. I'm so excited to get it posted. Enjoy, I have the absolute best fans!