Monday, July 6, 2015

Insert Monthly Update Post Title Here

Wow it has already been a month. Sorry there hasn't been a whole lot in the way of big posts regarding the project itself this month. This month I spent a great deal of my free time visiting with family and doing some extra work at the company which is my day job. HOWEVER that is not to say a lot didn't happened last month. Take a look at dem posts below this one, I mean wow! Just look at them.

Also HOLY CRAP. THE NUMBER OF VIEWS LAST MONTH MORE THAN DOUBLED THE PREVIOUS MONTH. That makes me so happy, I'm sorry for shouting there. This was the largest growth this blog has ever seen. Last month the total views for that month alone came it at 2,726. That is so completely staggering to me. I doubt the popularity will ever exceed that, but I will be very happy if it does.

Now for the polls. Last month I asked in what aspect of the project I should devote more attention. 38% said Interface development, 4% said Feature Development, and 57% said Promotion. I did not expect that response. This month I am taking the question to the next step. What sort of promotion would you like to see more of? You have 4 possible answers this month. Should I make Promotional Videos? Should I make more Promotional Merchandise? Should I get more articles published on other videogame sites? Or should I do more with Social Media? I can't wait to see what you have to say.

Thanks again to everyone! Here is another cool jam to chill with. I have been anyways.