Thursday, April 30, 2015

YOU can be a part of the Pantendo's development!

Welcome back to the blog! I have a bit of exciting news. As of today, I will be posting a monthly poll that anyone can take part in! Each month, I'll ask a question which relates to some aspect of the Pantendo's development. This is not a suggestion box. This is a way for YOU the fans, to play a key role in making major decisions about the Pantendo's final realization. The poll will appear in the right column of the blog on any of its pages. As you can see right now, the current question is a pretty basic one. The question is "Would you want a Pantendo of your own?" and your options are “yes” or “no”, Easy! This should be a lot of fun for both my-self and everyone in the community. It'll be great to see what all of you are thinking so far.

And a little bit of a spoiler here, I am just too excited not to tell you guys. In the near future, there will be physical incentives to help contribute to the project (FREE STUFF!/SUPER PANTENDO SWAG!)