Monday, November 24, 2014


Yesterday marks the first day that the Super Pantendo finally moved from a project in development, to a project in prototype. I finally have gathered all the materials to make a functioning machine and put them together. It was a busy weekend for development and a lot was done. Here comes the pictures!

I didn't have a place to fabricate this stuff. Turns out the kitchen sink works great!

 Needless to say, I had to clean the ENTIRE kitchen afterwords.

 But that's okay. 'Cause it all went smoothly.
 So, there I am.... Stickin' stuff into holes.
Wackin' stuff too of course.

Perfect fit.

The screen has very clearly, been installed at this point.

Back to technical stuff now, and less hardware stuff.

So here I am doing the second half of wiring the buttons.

The wires here are the ones that go into the controller board, and not just the ground wire like before.
So each of these need to be unique, thus all the many colors.

And here you have all the buttons completely wired into the controller board. Its a bit of a mess right now.

Once that was done, it was time to get back to hardware. I had to mount the controls, speakers, power button, lights, and the computer itself still.
This picture is near the top of the machine, looking down into it. Here you can see the lights that will illuminate the marquee, the speakers, the power button and its wiring.

Same picture here, but taken from the back of the machine. Also now you can see the "exit game" button and its wiring.

The Dell computer driving this whole thing has a stupid proprietary power button connector. I had to solder my power button directly into theirs, rather than plugging into the computer properly. It works so who cares haha. As I write this post, I am realizing I should have taken a clearer picture. Sorry for that.

We are looking at the front of the machine from the inside here, just bellow the screen and buttons. It's a little bit of a mess in here, and I'll be doing some cable management.

Same angle, but a little less close. Here you can see the screen, the button wiring, and the computer.

Same angle again but all the way zoomed out. Here you can see the entirety of the wiring except for the lights at the top-front of the machine, and the power button.

After all that was done, the whole thing was playable and glorious.
 Cosmetic stuff, such as the screen cover, still need to be made.
 Just Glorious.

Enough writing, I've got some gaming to do. C'ya!