Saturday, November 19, 2016

The arcade spirit lives on!

Wow! I recently returned from a trip to Arizona. While I was there I had some time to check out something I never thought could be real. TiltStudio is amazing and I will tell you why, but first you need a history lesson.

Okay so back in the day when video arcades were all over the nation, home gaming was far inferior to the games put into dedicated arcade cabinets. It didn't matter if you were a PC, Mac, Amiga, Commodore, Sega, or Atari home gamer, it just wasn't cost effective for any company to produce home gaming consoles that were as good as the dedicated arcades. So if you wanted a really cutting edge gaming experience, you had to go to the arcade. Arcades were hotbeds of teenage competitiveness, community, and friendship. Today we make incredibly capable hardware and sell it cheap. Todays hardware is so capable that software is not fully utilizing the capabilities of the machines we all own. Because of this we have no need for arcades. If you want a cutting edge gaming experience you just buy the latest game on the console or PC of your choice, which has made arcades very scarce, and that is too bad because I really enjoy arcades.

Well I am happy to say that TiltStudio is here to bring back the fun of going to the arcade to hang out with friends, play some really fun games and have a great time. My visit served as a nostalgic and deeply enjoyable experience. TiltStudio has lots of old classics, and really interesting new developments for arcade go-ers as well. Grab some pizza, see a movie, and game the night away!

TiltStudio is one of the last great arcades in America. It is huge, fun, and really interesting. They had some really creative games in there that I had never seen before or even knew existed in arcade form. I've got some pictures below. TiltStudio can be rented out for events and even has a bar on the second level.

This place has a little or a lot of almost everything. Check out all this pinball! 

Upstairs also had a lot of old school classics, these are just a few that caught my attention.

Downstairs has a lot of my favorites from back in the day. I couldn't believe they had silent scope. Seeing is believing though.

I had no idea these existed in arcade form. Absolutely amazing!

And much to my amazement, there was even a a kiosk to trade in tickets for prizes. This place really seems to have everything.

So yeah, that was a really cool treat, and I highly recommend any gamer to check it out. You can find TiltStudio in the Arizona Mills outlet mall in Phoenix Arizona. See you there.

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